About Us

Why choose Hong Kong Shuttle for your airport transfers?

It’s simple. At Hong Kong Shuttle, we want you to have a convenient and comfortable transfer to your hotel after arriving in Hong Kong.

We understand the stress and discomfort you may experience after landing in a busy metropolis where you have countless airport transportation options.

If you want to eliminate all the choices that can give you potential headache and frustration, you’re in the right place.

The problem with other airport transportation options

As a traveller who values convenience and comfort, you have to be picky about your airport transfer when arriving in Hong Kong.

Conventional airport transportation in Hong Kong such as the MTR Airport Express and public airport buses share one major problem: they don’t stop/pickup at the door of your hotel.

The last thing you want to do is to walk around on busy Hong Kong streets trying to find the connecting bus that actually gets close to your destination.

Taxi seems to be a good alternative until you try to catch one in the airport or city during rush hours. If you are lucky enough to catch one after a short wait in line, you may also run into potential communication problems or even scams (For example, the taxi driver may choose a longer route to hike up the fees).

To help you prevent all the above headaches, we provide you with shared and private airport transfers that are truly hassle-free. Just pre-book your transfer online and we will take you to your destination in a comfortable vehicle.

About Hong Kong Shuttle

Hong Kong Shuttle begins with a strong passion for hassle-free travel.

Since 2011, we started operation with a very clear goal in mind: provide exceptional value to our customers while keeping prices affordable.

With our strong network of established fleet operators in Hong Kong, we are able to offer travellers with consistently high quality services with quick confirmation responses.

Thanks to all the support from our customers and industry partners, we have become one of the most popular Hong Kong airport transfer booking service online.

Our mission

  • Deliver incredible value to all our customers with industry-leading support and expertise.
  • Provide only services that we believe will help our customers save time and eliminate stress while travelling to Hong Kong.
  • Take the risk out of booking airport transfer services online by offering the industry’s first “Complete Satisfaction Guarantee” and “No Questions Asked Money Back Promise” for our Hong Kong Airport Shuttle Service.
  • Answer customer service inquiries with complete honesty and passion with a sharp focus on helping our customers even if they decide not to use our services.
  • Go above and beyond to assist our customers plan a relaxing trip in Hong Kong by giving recommendations and suggestions to anything related to their travel.
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