Where To Get Free WiFi In Hong Kong

Free WiFi in Hong KongAlthough Hong Kong is a very  modern and well-connected place, it is extremely annoying to find a public place that offers reliable free WiFi service. My recent experience in finding a fast WiFi hotspot location in Hong Kong made me realize that if you want good WiFi, you will have to pay for it.

Coffee Shops & Convenience Stores (Not Free)

If you are from North America or Australia, you are used to getting fast and reliable WiFi connections in most public places like shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops. Coming to Hong Kong, don’t expect to get decent free WiFi service anywhere. No, not even at Starbucks Coffee or McDonald’s. They only offer WiFi connection to subscribers of selected mobile and broadband services. Please refer to my article about Hong Kong Prepaid SIM cards for recommendation on mobile services. The PCCW and Peoples (CMCC) SIM cards allow you to connect to their WiFi hotspots at coffee shops and convenience stores. Speeds are decent at around 150 kb/s download and upload at most places.

Gov WiFi Program in Hong Kong

The Gov WiFi Hotspots (Free)

If your hotel’s internet service is too expensive and you need get online to get some work done, the best places to go to are local Hong Kong government buildings. Most government and public service locations offer a free service called “Gov WiFi”. For more information about this service and a list of available locations visit the Gov Wifi website.

It may be strange to sit down at a city hall and serve the web there, so I highly recommend going to your nearest public library. Libraries in Hong Kong are generally very nice with lots of spaces to work. The good thing about this is that there are lots of power plugs at each table so you can spend the whole day there to get things done. Here are some public libraries in Hong Kong that offer free WiFi hotspot and are close to urban hotels:

1) Tsim Sha Tsui Public Library
Address: 1/F., Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon

Tsim Sha Tsui Public Library Free WiFi

2) Yau Ma Tei Public Library
G & M/F., 250 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon

Yau Ma Tei Public Library Free Wifi

3) City Hall Public Library
2-6/F. & 8-11/F., City Hall High Block, Central, Hong Kong

City Hall Public Library Free Wifi

4) Shek Tong Tsui Public Library
3-4/F., Shek Tong Tsui Municipal Services Building, 470 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong

Shek Tong Tsui Public Library Free Wifi

5) Hong Kong Central Library
66 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Central Library Free Wifi

I was recently at the Central Library Branch in Causeway Bay getting some work done. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Causeway Bay MTR Station in Hong Kong Island. Although it is not the most convenient location to get to, it is the best comfortable branch to sit and work for a long time. The 3rd and 4th floors of this branch have plenty of desks and power plugs for you to get some serious work done. WiFi signal strength can get spotty and some places, but most of the time you can get a decent 100-200 kb/s download and upload speed. Don’t expect a great experience doing VOIP calls or video conferencing, but for general web surfing and file uploading it is good enough.

Hong Kong Central Library Free WiFi

If you are in need of WiFi connection and don’t want to pay for the expensive internet access at most hotels in Hong Kong, I highly recommend you visiting one of the public libraries nearest where you stay.

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