Ocean Park Hong Kong (How To Get There & 5 Useful Tips)

Ocean Park Hong Kong is one of the most visited theme parks in the world. If you are going to Hong Kong for vacation (especially with kids), chances are you already have Ocean Park on your to-do list.

This theme park needs no introduction at all. Besides the Hong Kong Disneyland, it is one of the main reasons why families around the world decide to visit Hong Kong for a holiday. Instead of writing an article about details of Ocean Park Hong Kong like most other websites, I will share with you 5 very useful tips so that you can have the best possible experience while visiting.

First of all, please watch the 4 minute short video I firmed during the last time I visited Ocean Park. It shows the double-decker bus ride, the view in the restaurant, and some interesting activities that you can do.

How To Get To Ocean Park Hong Kong

Before you can have a great time at Ocean Park, you will need to find a way to get there. Since it is a very large theme park, it is located quite a distance away from the urban areas of Hong Kong.

Thanks to Citybus’s Ocean Park Express bus service (Route 629), you can get there fairly easily in under 25 minutes. You can get on the Ocean Park Express from Central just outside the Star Ferry terminal on the Hong Kong Island side or from Admiralty (West) Bus Terminal just outside the Admiralty MTR Station.

The cost of Ocean Park Express bus service is HKD $10.60 per adult. Schedule for the service differs from where you want to get on. Please check the table below for the exact time of operation:

Ocean Park Hong Kong Citybus Express Route 629
Credit: Citybus (http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/routes/oceanpark/index.aspx)

Tip #1: Buy Your Tickets Before Arriving Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong Main Entrance

Here’s the first tip and the one that can save you a lot of time. Buy your admission tickets before getting to Ocean Park Hong Kong because there’s often a long queue at the entrance ticket booth.

Depending on the time and day you plan to visit, Ocean Park can get very crowded due to the large number of mainland tourists. The best way to skip the admission booth is to get your tickets at a 7-Eleven convenience store nearest your hotel. You can also buy them at the Admiralty (West) Bus Terminal just before you get on the Ocean Park Express.

The admission tickets still cost HKD $320 per adult and HKD $160 per child (age 3-11). You won’t be saving any money, but you will potentially save a lot of time at the gate.

Tip #2: Arrive Early To Skip The Crowd

Large Crowd At Ocean Park Hong Kong Aquarium

Ocean Park Hong Kong can get extremely crowded especially during the weekend. To be able to experience every indoor activity in peace, you will have to go early.

Massive amounts of people show up at Ocean Park in the afternoon a little bit after lunch time. The best plan is to arrive at 10 AM, that’s the time when the park usually opens. To check what time the park actually opens on the day you plan to visit, you can check Ocean Park’s official calendar.

There are so many things to do and see at Ocean Park Hong Kong, so even the whole day is not enough to experience all the attractions. Arriving early will allow you more time to do stuff and less time lining up.

Tip #3: Use The Storage Lockers At The Entrance

Ocean Park Hong Kong Storage Lockers

As a tourist I know you will bring a lot of essentials like camera bags and backpacks with you while you leave your hotel room. But it is no fun carrying all this stuff while you try to have fun in Ocean Park.

Near the entrance right after you passed the ticket gates, there will be a room on the right hand side that provides storage lockers for rent.

You can rent a locker for the whole day for a very low price. Save yourself from lugging around the heavy bags and jackets so you can concentrate on having fun!

Tip #4: Bring A Thin Raincoat To Stay Dry

Ocean Park Hong Kong Arctic Blast

This tip is very important if you want to stay dry during your visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong. Some rides in Ocean Park involve having water splashing all over yourself, especially the Raging River ride.

Keep a thin plastic raincoat in your bag so you can be prepared to get on these rides. Without it, your clothes will potentially get wet and it can be uncomfortable out and about all day long.

Tip #5: Have Lunch At The Bayview Restaurant

Ocean Park Hong Kong Bayview Restaurant

There are a total of 8 dining options in Ocean Park Hong Kong. Some are very expensive while some are fairly decently priced. The decently priced ones often are very popular and you have to line up for a table.

Having a great lunch is important, but the highlight of your Ocean Park adventure should be about the attractions and rides instead. Save some money and time by having lunch at the Bayview Restaurant.

It is a cafeteria style restaurant so you can get a table very quickly. Also, you don’t need to wait for service or the food. You just go out, pick the food items that you like, pay at the counter, an bring the food back to your table.

The best part is the view. Check out the pictures below for the amazing scenery and food.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Bayview Restaurant View

Bayview Restaurant Food

Bayview Restaurant Food

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Ron So is the co-founder of Hong Kong Shuttle. His duties include providing excellent customer service, making sure things go smoothly, and writing articles such as this one.

  • anonymous.reel@yahoo.com

    Greetings, Ron. Is there Muslim/Halal food served/outlet in Ocean Park?

    • Hi. I am not too sure about that. They are mainly fast food type of restaurants so choices are quite limited.

  • Pranav

    Your articles are really very helpful Ron So.
    Any other tips and advices for travelling to Hong Kong.. I plan on staying there aroung Christmas?

    • Dear Pranav. Thank you for your comment! Please let me know if you have any ideas for future blog posts.

  • Adwick

    Thanks ron for your article, may I add some information about getting the ticket. It would be cheaper if you can get it from China Travel service. I get the discount more than 10%, I get 260 HKD for adult and 131 HKD for child

    • Hi Adwick,
      Thank you very much for sharing this info! It will be great saving 10% off Ocean Park tickets.

  • Thomas

    Thank you for your Great Blog.
    Is the bus fare to Ocean Park also included in the Airport Express Travel Pass

    • Dear Thomas,

      No, the bus fare is not included in the Airport Express Travel Pass. It only includes unlimited use on MTR trains but not buses. You will need to store value to the pass in order to ride the bus service.

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  • Rhea

    Hi ron, thanks for the helpful tip. It will be my first time in Hong Kong and i wanted to experience ocean park but how can i get there from tsim sha tsui?

    • Hi Rhea. You can go to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier (the end of Canton Road towards the harbour) and take the Star Ferry to Central. Once you get to Central Pier, there is a bus station right outside. Take the Ocean Park Express Bus (#629). It will take you directly to Ocean Park!
      This way you can experience two famous attractions at once.

      • Regine Garcia

        Hi Ron is there other way going to Ocean Park from Tsim Sha Tsui aside from the Ferry ride? like MTR perhaps?

  • Ling

    Hi, I would like to know can the Tourist Day Pass used for taking the Ocean Park Express Bus (#629)?

    • Hi Ling, the Tourist Day Pass only works for MTR services not buses.

  • James Pierce

    Hi Ron, great article. China Travel Services offer discounted Ocean Park tickets from their offices, I’m not sure if you can get them online (it required a sign in) when I Tried. But might be worth signing up for the 20% discount. Do you know if CTS has an office near Aberdeen? I was going to pick up the tickets from their Macau office as we are flying in to Macau and out of HK.

    I’m going to stay in the Aberdeen harbour area for 2 days, im guessing a taxi go the park will be fastest and inexpensive??? Would it be easy to get a taxi back about 6pm?

    • James Pierce

      OK I will answer my own post. A taxi from Aberdeen harbour is less than $5 and takes no more than 10 minutes. I didn’t find a CTS office in Aberdeen you will need to get your tickets online or from the airport, Macau or Kowloon. Check CTS website for their office locations and if you liked my free advice please visit http://2015holidays.com

      • Hi James. Thank you very sharing this information with us!

  • toni

    Hi Ron. Very informative article. I just want to ask if how much is the meal at the bay view resto? Thanks.

    • The Bay View Restaurant is like a cafe where you can get different types of food. Price ranges from what you want to get. I believe simple food such as french fries are reasonably priced.

  • vicky

    hi, we r moving to ocean park directly from airport with luggage. is there such facility to keep that much luggage?

  • nick

    good 🙂

  • Maricar Cabral

    hi !we are family going to ocean park
    we need promo or discount to enter to ocean park but its to expensive can you help us thank you sir

  • joy panganiban

    Hi Ron, your article is very useful for especially for travelers like us. I want to know how to easily get to Ocean park from Silka Seaview Hotel and then back to the hotel. I am with 3 adults and 2 kids ages 10 and 8 years old. Are taxis easily available in Ocean park. Can one taxi accommodate all of us? We would be visiting HK this September.

  • jai

    Ho want to know how to get ocean park from macau ferry terminal. Planning on visiting tomorrow. Taxi is a no-no as we’re students short on budget

    • Macau Ferry Terminal is only a short distance away from the Central (Star Ferry) stop for the bus to Ocean Park.

      • Elaine Chan

        Hello Jai & Ron,
        I will depart from Macao with 2 children.
        1. I am debating if I should arrive 1 night early in HK and stay near OP, or take the morning ferry from Macao and get OP Express Bus from Central.? Any advise?
        2. For the bus to OP, do I need to purchase the ticket in advance? or when do I make payment to secure seats?

  • reynaldo lee

    hi ron, entrance fee at ocean park included all rides and other entrance?

    • Hi Reynaldo, yes all rides will be included for the entrance fee.

  • Leny

    which Marriott near the venue? Thanks

  • Leny

    I need to stay at Marriott hotel near ocean park, could you pls. recommend the nearest hotel? Thanks

  • Cat

    Great info! Thanks so much!

  • Dindo

    Hi! We are having a short stop to HK (8AM to 5PM). Will it be advisable to visit Ocean park? How long is the travel time from the airport to the park? Thanks

  • Tim Tran

    Hi Ron how do I get 20/%discount at ocean park thank you

  • Bart_man

    Hi and thanks a lot for the informative article. Our family went to OP yesterday and had an enjoyable visit. The only piece of advice you gave that I would beg to differ with personally would be about Bayview Restaurant. There are plenty of tables, and the views are great, but you get great views from a lot of places at OP. We thought the food was decidely average- and very overpriced! Perhaps if we’d gone for just chips or kid’s meals it would have been better. However for the 4 of us, just a main and a drink each, and a couple slices of cake to share cost us around US$140. In fact there are snack stands and quite a few fast food options (pizza etc.) around Ocean Park. If you’re just there to enjoy the park and not fussy about having a sit-down restaurant meal, there’s plenty to munch out on.

    Other than that- it wasn’t too crowded the day we went (Tuesday) so we didn’t have to line up long to buy our entry tickets around noon. We nearly purchased in advance at 7-11 but decided against it as they weren’t sure (at 7-11) whether our 12 and 14 y.o. boys qualified for concession tickets. It was a good thing we waited, as in fact only kids 11 or under get a concession.

    If you are catching the 629 bus- we caught the last one back at 7pm. If you do that, be warned that the traffic jam is terrible. I had to stand all the way which was not that welcome after being on my feet all day at the park.

    The advice you gave to get there early is good- it gets a lot more crowded with tour groups etc. later in the afternoon. We arrived around 12 and for most of the rides or exhibits didn’t have to line up for more than a few minutes. However there was a very long queue for the cable car down at around 6pm. If we’d done everything a couple hours earlier we probably could have avoided that, and the traffic jam on the way back.

  • anishadi

    any halal outlet?

  • Donna

    Does the ticket already include all the rides especially the cable car?

  • Juna

    Hi ron, we will be staying in Newton Hotel can you please advise me on how we can how to go to Ocean Park. Will it save us if we take trams or we take taxi cab since we bring along our two kids thankyou

  • Shin Hyo Min

    Hallo Ron,Is That Any Special Discount If I’m Going To Ocean Park With My Birthday Friend?

  • Sarika Nair

    Thanks Ron for this informative article. It helped me immensely.

  • Xinhan Karen

    Any idea on the street parade for Ocean Park Hong Kong,
    Cant recall but my family and i spend wonderful time for the float.
    Do the float still available now?