Getting A Prepaid SIM Card With 3G Data In Hong Kong

Hong Kong Prepaid Sim With 3G Data For iPhoneGetting a local Hong Kong prepaid SIM card with data is the first thing I do when arriving in Hong Kong International Airport.

Most of time I will need to call someone or want to check my email inbox after getting off the plane.

To be honest, I don’t feel safe walking around Hong Kong without a working mobile phone anyway.

If you are like me, you should definitely stop by a shop to buy a SIM card before getting on a transfer to the hotel.

Buying a Hong Kong prepaid SIM card is relatively easy because many places in the airport have it.

But do keep in mind that there are many wireless service providers in Hong Kong. Each provider has its own prepaid SIM card products with different benefits and features. Most importantly, some SIM card products don’t offer 3G wireless data access.

The difficult part is choosing the right SIM card for your needs. This is especially critical if you have a smartphone and need 3G data during your stay in Hong Kong.

Does Your Phone Work In Hong Kong?

Before I give you a comparison of the different Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards that I recommend, you should first make sure that your mobile phone will work in Hong Kong.

Most 3G wireless providers in Hong Kong use the UMTS/HSDPA frequency of 2100 MHz. Make sure your phone supports this frequency in order to have full 3G speed.

If 3G high speed data is not important to you or you don’t use a smartphone, you should check to see if your phone supports the GSM 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. These 2G frequencies are supported by most phones nowadays.

Next, you must have an unlocked phone to use prepaid SIM cards in Hong Kong.

If you bought your phone from your wireless provider with a discount, chances are your phone is locked by your provider. You can search online to see how you can unlock it.

If you have an iPhone and you didn’t buy it from an Apple Store, it should be locked and you need to unlock it first before taking it to Hong Kong.

New: Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card By Hong Kong Tourism Board & PCCW

Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has recently launched a partnership with PCCW to offer local prepaid sim cards tailored to tourists.

This new prepaid sim card program is really easy to understand since it only has two options to choose from: 1) 5-Day Pass for HKD $69 and 2) 8-Day Pass for HKD $96.

The best part is both options offer you unlimited local calling and very low International SMS and calling rates.

International SMS text messages cost only HKD $1.80 per sent message. International calling costs only HKD $0.45 per minute to most countries. These rates are a real bargain compared to other Hong Kong prepaid sim cards. It is super useful if you plan to call home a lot while staying in Hong Kong.

You can get both Hong Kong Tourist SIM card options in regular SIM or Micro-SIM format at any convenience store.

If you using an Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s, you will need a Nano-SIM. It is only available at PCCW retail stores.

1) 5-Day Pass (HKD $69)

This one is a really good deal if you are staying in Hong Kong for less than 5 days. It is the lowest price among all prepaid sim cards I’ve reviewed.

It includes unlimited local calling, unlimited Wi-Fi Internet powered by PCCW (has 12,000 hotspots) , and 1.5 GB of 3G mobile Internet data.

HKD $25 is preloaded in this option for sending international SMS messages and international calling.

This card expires in 5 days and there is no real way to extend it or add more value to it, which can be a problem.

2) 8-Day Pass (HKD $96)

The 8-Day Pass is similar to the 5-Day Pass with unlimited local calling and unlimited Wi-Fi data via PCCW hotspots.

Instead of just 1.5 GB of 3G mobile Internet data, you get 5 GB with the 8-Day Pass.

This one also packs HKD $35 for international SMS and calling (just HKD $10 more than the 5-Day Pass).

As the name suggests, this SIM card expires in 8 days and there is no way to extend it or add value for more international calling.

My Opinion On The New Hong Kong Tourist SIM Cards

While these options are very cost effective and useful for travellers coming to Hong Kong for a short period of time, they lack features that most Internet-savvy users need.

Unlimited local calling sounds good on paper, but most travellers simply do not make local calls that often. Unless you are a business traveller, you will only make local calls to make a few restaurant reservations.

I’m also not a big fan of PCCW Wi-Fi hotspots. They are quite slow and have limited range. Unless you want to stand still near a PCCW phone booth to connect to their network, you won’t find them much useful.

They are also very limiting in terms of potential. HKD$25/35 may not be enough to make a lot of international calls, but you can’t add more value after you’ve run out of money. 3G data speed and 1.5 GB make using VOIP and tethering very difficult. After they become expired, your SIM card is no longer usable and your local Hong Kong phone number is gone forever.

If you are a power user and depend a lot on the Internet using your smart phone or computer, you should opt for the one2free Power Prepaid SIM instead. You will get “unlimited” HSPA+ speeds of up to 21 MB/s for the duration of your data subscription. Your SIM card and number never expire if you don’t want them to. You can also add value to your account easily at any convenience store. More details about the one2free Power Prepaid SIM card below.

3G Prepaid SIM Cards With “Unlimited” Data

one2free Power Prepaid Sim With Unlimited DataOne2Free Power Prepaid SIM is by far my favourite SIM card with low talk rates and reasonable 3G data subscriptions.

It is available in  HKD $88 (~ USD $12) or HKD $180 (~ USD $24) packages.

If you are visiting Hong Kong for just a few days, the $88 package should be plenty for both talk and data use.

Here’s a list of its features (rates in HKD):

  • $0.1 per minute local calls
  • As low as $0.8 per minute for long distance calls
  • $0.8 (local) or $3 (international) each text message sent
  • 3G HSDPA speeds up to 7.2 Mpbs
  • Data: $8/hour, $28/day, $78/week

One advantage of this prepaid SIM is that One2Free uses the CSL wireless network. CSL is one of the largest wireless providers in Hong Kong. So you will get some decent signal quality in most places.

Your 3G data usage bill is capped at $28 per day. This can be extremely useful if your hotel doesn’t have free WIFI. You may end up saving a lot of money by tethering your phone.

If you are staying 3 days or more, you should subscribe to the $78/week data plan. You will still have $10 for calls, which is enough if you don’t need to call a lot.

Buying this One2Free Power Prepaid SIM is easy at the airport. Just head up to the Level 7 Departures Check-in Hall. You will find the 1010 Shop (CSL) at the end of section F.

You can also find it at Circle K, VanGo, and 7-Eleven stores near the terminal exits.

If you use an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s, you will need to go to the actual 1010 Shop because these convenience stores don’t have the smaller Nano-SIM cards that you need.

Update (July 2013): I’m able to get up to HSPA+ speeds of 21 MB/s within the city centre of Hong Kong using phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and iPhone 5.

Update (January 2014): Many people ask me why the word unlimited is in quotations. Do you really get unlimited 3G mobile data with your Hong Kong prepaid SIM card? The short answer is yes and no. You will get unlimited mobile data for sure, but your data speeds will drop to about 2G EDGE level if you reach a certain data cap. This is to prevent people from aggressively hogging up the network. The cap is usually 4/5 GB per month. You should read the fine print that is included with your SIM card regarding mobile Internet fair usage.


3 Hong Kong Prepaid SIM For TouristsThe 3 Hong Kong 3G Super Value Monthly Fee Rechargeable SIM Card is more suitable for people with a longer stay (up to a month).

The advantage of this SIM card is that you can subscribe to a 30 day plan for $68 and get 680 local minutes and 10,000 intra-network SMS messages.

Without a 30 day plan, you will get:

  • $0.3 per minute local calls
  • $1.4 to $3 each text message sent
  • Data: $2/MB, $28/day, $338/month

This SIM card is not as competitive in terms of rates and features as the One2Free one but some people claim that they get better Internet speeds using the 3 Hong Kong network.

It only comes in one package for HKD $98 (~ USD $13).

Getting this SIM card is also easy at the airport. Go up to the Level 7 Departures Check-in Hall. You will find the 3 Shop at the end of section G. Fortress, Watsons, and ParknShop also carry it.

PCCW Mobile 3G Prepaid SIM CardAn alternative to using 3G data is to connect using WIFI. The PCCW Mobile 3G Rechargeable SIM Card lets you connect to PCCW’s city-wide WIFI network.

For HKD $20 (~ USD $3) you get unlimited WIFI Internet for 24 hours with one device.

This is a good deal if you want a fast and reliable connection at shopping malls and coffee shops.

If you need 3G data in places where there is no WIFI signal, prices can get really high.

Here’s what you will get with this SIM card:

  • $0.06 per minute local calls (non peak hours)
  • $0.12 per minute local calls (peak hours 12:00 to 20:59)
  • $0.1 to $1.8 each text message sent
  • Data: $3/MB

This SIM card comes in $48 and $78 packages.

You can get it in most convenience stores in the airport such as Circle K and 7-Eleven.

2G Prepaid SIM Card For Voice Calling

Peoples Tourist Talk Prepaid 2G SIMIf you don’t need fast 3G data connections and simply just want to make calls, Peoples (China Mobile) has 2 SIM cards for your needs.

The Peoples Tourist Talk Prepaid SIM Card is perfect for you if you need to make a lot of long distance calls out of Hong Kong.

$0.25 per minute is the flat rate for local calls. Calls to landlines and mobile phones in China, USA, Canada, and Singapore are only charged the local rate. Calls to landlines in more than 25 countries are also charged the local rate.

This SIM card is available only in one $98 package.

The Peoples Super Talk Prepaid SIM Card has a lower local calling rate of $0.05 per minute during non peak hours and $0.12 per minute during peak hours.

The Super Talk SIM card is available in $48 and $78 packages.

Peoples SIM cards can be purchased in most convenience stores such as Circle K and 7-Eleven.

I personally don’t recommend getting a 2G prepaid SIM card in Hong Kong because when you need to access the Internet it will be super slow and expensive.

Adding More Money To Your SIM Card

If the value in your SIM card is running low, you will receive a text message telling you to recharge.

You can do that by buying recharge vouchers at most convenience stores.

Simply tell the cashier your SIM card provider and you need to recharge. They will then tell you the values you can purchase.

Most recharge vouchers have a minimum of $50. You will end up wasting a lot if you don’t need to recharge that much.

Most SIM card provides allow you to add money online. I highly recommend this over buying vouchers in stores because you can buy smaller amounts online.

Do you find this article helpful?

Please share and like this article if you know anyone going to Hong Kong soon and will find this useful.

If you have questions related to getting a Hong Kong prepaid SIM card, please ask them in the comments below.

Ron So is the co-founder of Hong Kong Shuttle. His duties include providing excellent customer service, making sure things go smoothly, and writing articles such as this one.

  • Rade


    I just want to know base on what you shared in your article. What should be the best or what do you recommend best 3G sim card if I really want to connect with the internet all always. I’ll be staying in Hong Kong for four days and I really need to connect always with the internet. Thanks.

    Great article!

    • Hi Rade, I personally like the one2free Power Prepaid Sim very much. It is very easy to use and subscribe to unlimited Internet packages.

      Also, it is capable of HSPA+ speeds if your phone supports it. The Internet speed throughout Hong Kong is quite fast and reliable. (unless you are in a hotel room on very high levels, then you get degraded Internet connection)

  • Me reply

    Im using the one2free iphone 5 prepaid comes with unlimited data and calls cost r in this article for 78 HKD a week

    • how about the simcard, do they have nano sim for iphone 5?

  • Me reply

    Also wanted to add great connection almost everywhere even in villages

  • Ana

    What would you recommend if I’m travelling between Macau and Hong Kong for 2 weeks. I will want data.

    • You can try roaming for calls but there’s no way you can get data while in Macau.

      • angel

        At many outlets you can get a dual SIM card for both Hong Kong and Macau for calls. I don’t know about data.

  • tedsmith

    If my phone has a ‘personal hotspot’ feature, will I able to use one2free with unlimited data and get wi-fi on my laptop?

    • Yes you can enable tethering on your phone to use with your lapton. FYI: monthly cap on the “unlimited” data is 5GB. Once you’re over that, your speed will become extremely slow.

  • Robbie Sin

    May try to rent a phone….
    seems there is a company called handy can offer mobile rental service….. they offered unlimited data

    • Thanks Robbie for your advise! Never heard of renting a phone before, but it should be a great service for people with locked phones.

    • nardy

      Which is better and cheaper? Getting own sim card or handy?

      • Robbie Sin

        if i remember it correctly….they offer unlimited call and 3G data, $48 or $68 a day….
        u may go their counter in airport

  • Christine

    Hi, this was a very helpfull article!
    I am going to Hong Kong for 2 months! I wonder if you also have recommendations for such a longer stay?

    • For longer stays in Hong Kong, I still recommend the one2free prepaid sim card. You can’t go wrong with that one!

  • Anna

    I am going to Hong Kong for a week. Since I use an iphone, I know what/where/how to get things done now. This has been very helpful.


    • No problem. Glad to know it helps!

  • Nomar


    This is very helpful, I’ll be going to HK and will be staying for a week and I need to connect to the internet, but do you know the handset settings for the smartphones?


    • No setting is required usually. If you buy your sim card at an actual dealer, they will often set it up for you.

  • Great post, this helps me a lot! The hotel I will be staying at in october want to charge me 1848 HKD for two weeks of internet access, which is quite insane.

    • Hotel internet is always expensive in Hong Kong. There is one problem though: if you stay at a very high floor, you might not be able to pick up data signal from prepaid service. Then you will be stuck with the hotel wifi

  • Thanks great post! I choose PCCW Mobile 3G IDD (68 HK dollars). The good surprise is that it is free to call 32 countries including mainland china, USA, Canada, Singapore. Really useful for me. Also i think PCCW have more hotspot in hong-kong than the others. spybubble

    • Hi Charly. You are right. PCCW 3G prepaid sim has the most wifi hotspots in Hong Kong because most telephone booths are powered by them and each booth has a wifi hotspot.

      Please note that the free IDD calling to 32 countries is only for calling landlines in those countries. If you call mobile phone, the per minute rates are super high.

  • Alan Loh

    for travelling 5 days in Hong Kong and i just need using Data service for smartphone and what package is suitable?

    • I always recommend the one2free prepaid sim card. you can activate unlimited data service for 1 week

  • thegirl

    hi, i will be in hk for 6 DAYS
    -can i gt the prepaid card at any convenience stall?
    -which brand?
    -n how do i activate the data services?
    -if not, how do i go bout in activating?
    -how do i know if my SIM or phone needs to be unlock?
    im using samsung Note II
    thank q

    • Hi, all your questions are answered within the article. Please take your time to read through it.

  • Suzie

    Hi Ron, I will be in HK for a week – I want to bring my iphone to be able to call, text my kids back in Australia. I also would like to be able to read emails – what do you suggest is the best for me to buy please and what will it cost me? Do I replace my sim card?

    • Hi Suzie, I highly recommend the one2free Power Prepaid Sim. You can subscribe for a weekly data package that lets you use “unlimited” data for one week. It will cost you HKD$88 for the card. You will also have a local Hong Kong phone number that allows you to make local and international calls. I think $88 should be enough for normal usage in one week.

  • Vi

    Have you heard of handy Hong Kong? 68 a day and they provide a phone for you.

    • Hi Vi. No. I have not heard of it. I believe most people will prefer to use their own phones instead of renting a phone.

  • Mary Morrissey

    Would love to share thanks for the help

    • Hi Mary. I am glad that this article is useful for you.

  • Hi Dianra, thank you for your comment.

  • Cy

    Will be in HK in a week. Very helpful info. Thx

    • Hi Cy, thank you for your comment!

  • GermanStudentinHK

    I have a question about the

    3G Prepaid SIM Cards With “Unlimited” Data
    Assuming I would not call and only use the 3g. I would have 11 h ( 88 : 8) of high speed 3g and then it turns slow for the rest of the 28 days? Do I understand this system right? If so, how are the 11h determined? When my browser is open ?

    • Usually when you subscribe to a data plan for a certain period of time, you get full speed for the full amount of time.

      Your speed will decrease after your data has reached fair usage (usually 4GB per month)

  • Guill

    I live in Macau but go to HK something like 1 to 2 days per week. I think the best deal for me was the HKD38/300MB per month as I don’t really use data a lot, it’s more like when I need to look for places, maps or information. I went to the one2free shop last week end and was surprised to see that for the nano SIM, you can’t apply for the HKD38 package. The cheapest monthly one is HKD150. Basically the package for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 are very different, the iPhone 5 one much more expensive.

    • Guill

      Oh and also, the package for iPhone 4 has free IDD, the one for iPhone 5 doesn’t. Weird.

    • Hi Guill. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Eileen

    Hi , thks for the info! For the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM, r the data charges separate from the packages ? (eg the $8/hr, $28/day, $78/week – is it included in the fee of HKD88/180 packages like a drawdown format?)

    • Hi Eileen. The package fees will be deducted from the sim card amount when you purchase it. You can add money to your card whenever you want.

  • geraldine

    Thanks for your helpful information!
    I am going to Hong Kong for a business trip in September for 2 months but I need a local number now to realize my business card… I didn’t find a brand where I can buy online a rechargeable sim card with a local number (the sim card need to be valid a long time)… Is it possible to buy it online? Do you know a good provider in Hong Kong??

    I really need help 😉

    Thank you

    • You can try to find one on eBay. But even buying online, you cannot activate it and get your Hong Kong phone number unless you are in Hong Kong.

      The best way for you is to use Skype and purchase a Hong Kong inbound phone number.

    • Elain

      Are you in the U.S.? I visited Hong Kong in June & bought a sim card at One2free at the H.K. airport. I still have my Hong Kong sim card with $ in it & the H.K. phone # is good to use till Dec 13. I can mail the sim card to you if you are in U.S.

  • Kevin

    I k coming to HK this September,
    I wonder do they have the SIM card with data for sale at the arrival where I always get currency change booth?
    It hard to go up while you just l arrive with all the languages around you..


    • You can purchase a SIM card at almost all convenience stores. There are a few right after you clear customs at the arrival hall.

  • Abi

    Thank you… This is very helpful. I will be in Hong Kong in 2 weeks, and I will take one2free then 🙂

    Do you have any experience with CDMA network in Hong Kong?

    • Thank you for your comment Abi!

      I believe all providers in Hong Kong use GSM network. PCCW is the only company that provides an alternative CDMA service but it is not popular.

  • Yenny Christiana

    Hi Ron
    Is it 3 and one2free can be use while im at china? Thank you

    • Hi Yenny.
      You can use the cards while in China, but it will be roaming.
      The best solution for using in China is getting the China Telecom Prepaid Sim Card. You can get a Hong Kong phone number as well as a China mobile phone number with the same card.

  • June

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  • Christopher Tan

    Hi Ron. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be heading for Hong Kong next month and will need 3G data all the time. However, will it work in Macau?

    • Hi Christopher. Thank you for your comment!
      None of the sim cards listed in the article will work in Macau. You will be roaming and data will not work.

      • Christopher Tan

        Thanks Ron.

  • Ken Masters

    Thanks for the article. In terms of 3G/data coverage (signal, speed), who is the best (ie. underground, MTR stations, new territory, etc)

    • Hi Ken. I have tried all sim cards and they all have very good signal throughout. However, as you go up taller buildings, the data strength will decrease for all sim cards.

      • Ken Masters

        Thanks for the info Ron. 🙂

  • Jack Williams


    I’m staying for a month in HK.

    I’m tempted by the one2free power prepaid card.

    Will I only get charged HK$8 for each hour I use?


    • Hi Jack,
      The per hour data option is not recurring. So after the hour that you subscribed to has ended, you simply cannot access the internet. Your value will not get deducted until you subscribe to a data option again.

  • danny

    Thanks a lot! Very informative.

    • Hi Danny. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad this is helpful to you!

  • al

    very helpful. nice. how do i subscribe to the week plan? one2free

    • Once you buy your prepaid SIM card, you will receive a small instruction booklet inside the package containing details on how to subscribe to data plans. Each SIM brand is different but generally, you just type a string of numbers in the dial screen. When it is done, you will get a confirmation text message.

  • atticus

    Hi Ron,

    What would you recommend for calls and txts, if staying a few days in shenzhen and a few days in Hong Kong. Last time I was in HK I acquired a PCCW IDD SIM card which worked well in HK but did not work in Shenzhen.


    • Hi Atticus,

      If you don’t need fast mobile Internet and need access for usage in both Hong Kong and China, the best prepaid SIM card is the Peoples Prepaid SIM.

      You have options to get both Hong Kong and China mobile numbers. So you get two phone numbers to use under one SIM card. When you get to Shenzhen, your phone should automatically connect to the China Mobile network and can be used just like a local mobile phone.

      The downside is that it only has 2G Edge mobile Internet, which is a painful experience if you need to go online a lot.

  • Frank Doyle

    Thanks for the info, but I had some additional questions:

    Regarding the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM, you mention the cards are available in both HKD 88 & HKD 180 packages, but you don’t actually specify the difference between the two. Also, I am confused about what you get with those cards? It sounds like you still pay extra for data? “If you are staying 3 days or more, you should subscribe to the $78/week data plan.”

    Regarding the 3 Hong Kong 3G Super Value Monthly Fee Rechargeable SIM Card, it is HKD 68, yet there is mention of “It only comes in one package for HKD $98 (~ USD $13).” Does that mean it would be 68+98 for a month of unlimited 3G data?

    I will be in HK for about a month and just want 3G data…if you could clear this up, I’d appreciate it.

    • Hi Frank,

      The value for each SIM card is the prepaid value that you store in your account. Let’s say you buy the HKD $88 one2free Power Prepaid SIM and subscribe to the $78 weekly data plan, you account will deduct $78 from the original value. Leaving $10 for calls and texts.

      If you call a lot, and the $10 is running low, you then need to go to a convenience store and buy vouchers to add more value to your account. The lowest value voucher you can buy is $50.

      You do not get charged twice for anything, the fees simply get deducted from your original SIM value. Hope this is clear to you know.

      • Kass

        Hi Ron,

        I just want to clear this up. I’m planning on getting the one2free Prepaid Sim and put it in my iPhone 5. This should be ok right? Also, with what you said about deducting $78, it simply means that the total purchase price of the sim with one week unlimited data will be $88, right? Then if I need more, I need to top up with a minimum of $50.

        • I am not totally sure about support for nano sim for iPhone 5. My most recent purchase of the one2free Power Prepaid Sim comes only in 2 sizes: regular and micro-sim (iPhone 4 and most Android phones). You will need to ask their staff about nano sim.

          That’s right, a HKD $88 card will get you the $78 data package with $10 left. You will then get a warning text message saying your account has less than $10 balance. You can just ignore it if you don’t plan on making calls.

  • Haslina Bidin

    Hi there… Been reading what u had post and it certainly is very helpful. I am going to Hongkong for 4days only. I am using IPhone . My kids will
    Like to post their activities and upload photos while in Disneyland to instagram and Facebook when we are there. I will be using the phone mainly for surfing the net. Can you kindly advise me what type of prepaid card I should get? It’s gonna be my first trip overseas and surfing… Hope you can help with the advise and any useful tips too.. Thankiu so much

    • Like I said in the article, I highly recommend the one2free Power Prepaid SIM. It is one of the best for using mobile internet in Hong Kong as a tourist. Speed is great and consistent.

      I have noticed that it is quite difficult to get the one2free SIM in convenience stores like 7-Eleven. So the best way to get it is to go up to the Departure Level after you have arrived at Hong Kong Airport. There is a one2free retail store there. You can just ask for the Power Prepaid SIM for the iPhone.

  • yveta

    Hi Ron,
    I’m going to HK for 9 months. What sim card would you recommend for my iphone? I’d like to have internet and maybe cheap international calls would be great. But as option 2, what would you recommend for me only for txts and calls (no internet etc). how much would it cost? thank you

    • Hi Yveta,

      Since you are staying in Hong Kong for such a long time. I would recommend you visiting an actual retail outlet and consult for the best possible solution. There are one2free, Three, and PCCW retail stores all over the place in Hong Kong and you can find one very easily. There is even a one2free store inside the airport at the departure level.

      The prepaid SIM cards I wrote about in this article are mainly for tourists staying in Hong Kong for less than a month. In your case, you may find cheaper local plans when you talk to their staff in a store.

      Best of luck and have fun in Hong Kong!

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  • Carlc

    hi, can you please clarify which rates are US dollars and which are HKD? for example for the 3 sim card option is the following HKD or USD?
    $0.3 per minute local calls
    $1.4 to $3 each text message sent
    Data: $2/MB, $28/day, $338/mont

    I am in Hong Kong for 9 months on a student exchange and therefore looking for the cheapest option. I am tied into a contract back in my home country so can’t afford to take a new one out, ideally looking for cheap data access as I can use apps to contact my friends. Any help would be great, thanks!

    • All prices listed are in Hong Kong Dollars. If you stay in Hong Kong for 9 months, you can get cheaper rates by subscribing to a local monthly plan. You don’t need a contract unless you want a phone for free.

  • Aseret

    Hi sir ren so, what if i buy pccw sim card and i will load for 1 month? Is it ok? I work in hongkong for 2 yrs.

    • If you stay in Hong Kong 2 years, it is best to open a monthly plan or contract terms. These prepaid sim cards are best for tourists for short term stay.

      • Aseret

        How much sir is the monthly plan? Is it ok i used pccw?

  • gfy

    Thanks for the useful info! Is the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM HKD$88 applicable for iphone5? If they dun hv nano sim so can i cut it myself ?

    • I don’t think there is nano sim for all the cards I have mentioned in this article. The iPhone 5 will need a different prepaid card and will be more expensive than the ones listed above.

  • Peter

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the info, have a question about data plan 8$/hour from One2Free Power Prepaid SIM, is it charged by minute of hour. If I use only 15 mins, will I be charged the 15 mins usage of the hour.

    • All prepaid sim cards charge by the minute

  • Richard L

    HI I already have a power3G micro SIM card which I bought last May.

    I am due to go to Hong Kong for a week next week. Can you tell me whether I’m likely to be able to reuse this SIM car or has it expired? Thank you, Richard L

    • It should expired after 6 months of activation. So most likely you cannot use it anymore.

  • Jamie Fredricks


    Just to clarify,

    I buy a new One2Free Power Prepaid SIM, two weeks later I decide I want the data plan, and so do I walk into any ‘1010’ shop and say “I want to buy a single $8/hour data plan please?”

    Is this right, or am I missing something and you can’t do this?

    Also, how do you buy the data plan?, is it a scratch card you enter a PIN on the phone?


    • you can add the data option to your card any time and you don’t need to walk into a shop to do it, all you need is punch in a string of code into the dial. you will need enough funds in your account in order to add the data option as required.

  • ryan

    Hi Ron,
    I have an unlocked iphone 4 running 5.0.1 os. I bought a pccw simcard that supports 3g but when I insert it in the phone it wont pick up any service and it wont let me dial out to activate it. Do you know how to fix this problem? I just tried re-unlocking my phone with redsnow. tnx

    • Hi Ryan. I am not able to answer your technical question here about unlocking iPhones. It’s beyond the scope of this article. Hope you understand.

  • Eva

    What’s the validity for the One2Free 3G Prepaid SIM? 30 days?

    • 6 months for most prepaid sim cards after each activation or refill

  • Peter

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the very useful information. I read through most of the comments. I have a few questions for you.

    For One2Free, according to their website
    and from the “4#” footnote, it said the following:

    “After you have reached the monthly fair usage level of 5GB, you can continue to use the service without speed throttling or data capping. Your priority to access the network will be lowered and your experience may be affected when the network is busy. The usage under all data passes will be counted towards the fair usage level calculated per calendar month. one2free complies with OFCA’s Guidelines for the Implementation of Fair Usage Policy for the Provision of Mobile and Fixed Broadband Services and will not at any time cap your data access speed below 128kbps.”
    Does this means that even if you paid the $78 for 7 days unlimited data, it can still cap out down to 2g speed once the data usage reached 5gb. Thanks.

    • That’s correct. The fair usage capping is on a per month basis. Even if you subscribe to the one day data plan and use 5GB within the day, your account will be limited to EDGE speed for the whole month (if you subscribe to data later on during your trip).

      But trust me, if you are on vacation in Hong Kong, you will not have the time to use 5GB of data. Go out and have fun!

  • djipra

    Thanx for your info Ron. But with the $78 plan, how much data quota do i have? 1 GB or more? I’m planning to stay for just a week in HK.

  • djipra

    Thanx for your info Ron. But with the $78 plan, how much data quota do i
    have? 1 GB or more? I’m planning to stay for just a week in HK.

    • According to the current fine print, your data quota is capped at 3GB or 4GB per month depending on the prepaid card that you purchase.

      Once you reach the cap data quota, your speeds will decrease to EDGE speed but you can still use data.

  • Gian

    It is an excellent article. Much clearer than the providers explanation. It is great to know that right in the airport you can get data packages at low rates and dont pay the hotels which are a lot more expensive

    • Thanks for your comment Gian!

  • felixw

    I’ll be visiting HK in November 2013 for 18 days. What’s the best way for the prepaid card with 3G Data? Is the One2Free with 3 weeks of $78 data or
    the PCCW-HKT All-In-One Rechargeable SIM Card with the 30 day data option the better choice? Is there a monthly data package for One2Free? Which has better reception between the two?

  • SVL

    Very useful article as I am visiting HK from Oct 10.

    • Thank you for your comment!

  • bruce

    hi ron,

    thanks for an informative article. but i have a quick question for you and wondering if you can help me out. I will be in hong kong for a month and will be travelling between china and hong kong, but majority of the time i will be in hong kong. I will need data speeds of minimum of 3G and above in china and hong kong. is there a prepaid sim you can recommend that i can use in both places? and if i have to pay for data roaming, how much would it be per day or per usage?

    • If you require fast mobile Internet in Hong Kong and China, you should get 2 separate prepaid sim cards.

      People’s (China Mobile) cards will allow you to have both Hong Kong and China phone numbers at the same time as well as 2G (EDGE) Internet at both places.

  • ko

    hi sir, i will stay a month and half in hong kong ,
    i use unlocked at&t iphone 4 with 3g.
    what plan will be good for me? please recommend me ^^

    thanks =)

    • I highly recommend the one2free Power Prepaid Sims. Please read the article for more details about it.

  • Ankur

    Hi, Ron
    Thanks for the information but i got one more question for you. I will be staying in hongkong for a week. I just need a pre paid sim card to make voice calls. So can you tell me please that which sim card I should buy from the Air-port and how much i get charged per minute if I call to india.

    • If you just do voice calls, you can get the People’s (China Mobile) Prepaid Sim Cards at any convenience store. Calls to India should be about HKD $0.25 per minute.

  • Nicholas Fong

    An update:

    PCCW-HKT has new packages you can do voice, 42 Mbps data and unlimited PCCW-WiFi (if you subscribe to the data passes) for $98 or $198 face values.

    Sorry about the long URL below, not my fault:

    • Hi Nicholas, thank you very much for sharing this!
      I’m glad PCCW prepaid cards now have 4G mobile Internet. They used to just offer unlimited WiFi, which was only usable at particular spots.

  • Michael

    Hi Ron – thanks for the helpful article. I am visiting HK for two weeks. I do not need data on my phone – just voice calls and SMS. I will be using an unlocked HTC Aria phone which is 3G. Arriving Oct 31.

    I need two pieces of info from you –
    What is the best SIM for a two week period. just voice calling and SMS
    And which vendor has a retail outlet at the arrivals hall. I’d like to buy the SIM then hop on the train into town. Mgoi.

    • Hi Michael. For voice and SMS only, the best option is to get China Mobile’s (People’s) 2G prepaid sim cards.

  • duke

    good day ron. just wanna to ask that do one2free prepaid have BBM service? and what is the charges for 1 weeks including the weekly date. thanks

    • Not too sure about BBM service. BlackBerry is not popular in Hong Kong so it may not be 100% compatible.

  • squibboy

    Thanks for the wonderful tips Ron. I am planning to make a trip to both HK and Macau. It sounds like I will need to purchase separate SIMs for each location if I want both voice and data service…is that correct? If so, are you able to purchase Macau-specific SIMs at the airport in HK as well?

    • You are right. You will need a separate SIM card for Macau use or else you will incur expensive roaming charges. I don’t think there are Macau SIMs available at the airport. You can easily get one after you get to Macau ferry terminal.

  • Ed

    Great set of info, Ron. Glad I found your article before I head out in a few days. Your info about the roaming in Macau (the fact that it does not work) is awesome. It’s a lot of help that you specified the location of the stores that carried the SIM card as well. Thanks again.

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for your comment!

  • Michael

    Hi Ron, great info and plenty of options for prepaid SIM cards. I am coming in to HK for a few days and need a prepaid 3G or 4G SIM card for a wireless modem. Probably only need 5GB over that period. Can you recommend any?

    • As listed on the article, the best card in terms of speed and flexibility is the one2free power prepaid sim. 5GB should be the upper limit before its fair usage speed limitation kicks in.

  • nur

    HI, i will be going to HK next month for about 4days, i need a mobile prepaid card (android) with 3G/4G solely for internet access only. can you advise what prepaid card is best for me to get?

    • You can get the one2free power prepaid sim for internet only. Just subscribe to the Internet package after getting it. You don’t need to make a call at all.

  • Hero

    Hi Ron,

    I will be going to HK end of month for 6 days. I need to use only 3G data. Which prepaid sim card do you recommend with unlimited 3G data during my stay?



    • Hi Hero. For the one2free power prepaid SIM, you can use it for Internet access only. If you don’t make any calls, your balance will only be deducted by the Internet package that you subscribe to.


    Hi Ron,
    I am planning to visit Hong Kong in Dec for about 5 days and required a prepaid data plan (3G SIM Card) for this period for a wireless modem (MIFI). Can you recommend any?
    the price for this plan with at least 5GB?

    • You can use the prepaid sim cards I recommend in the article for wireless modems. They have unlimited Internet access. But once you reach the fair usage limit (usually 4 or 5 GB) your speed will decrease.

  • Sara Love

    Hi Ron, thanks for the useful info re temporary Hong Kong cards for iPhone with 3G. I can’t stop at the shop at the airport as Im being picked up but can you recommend a phone shop in Central area which can sell me a prepaid 3G sim card for iphone 4? thanks. Sara .

    • Hi Sara. Any convenience store that you see will carry prepaid sim cards for iPhone 4.

  • Jai Singh

    Those are some very helpful suggestions, I appreciate your work towards this.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    • Hi Jai. Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Dr Soumya Sengupta

    Hi Ron,
    This is Dr Soumya from India, You have noted the detail information regarding wireless network providers in Hong Kong, a lot of thanks again.
    I will be going to Macau & Hong Kong on 20th of December 2013 for 6 days. My first visit will be Macau, so please let me know the 2G operators in Macau as well , as I only need voice calls and text services. Do the SIM of Hong Kong work in Macau ?

    • SIM cards from Hong Kong will work in Macau but calls and text messages will be more expensive due to roaming.

  • Charles


    This is really helpful. One more thing, if I also would like to use the phone to call China that is nearby Hong Kong. What kind of sim cards would you recommend?


    • All Prepaid SIM cards I mentioned in the article will have similar long distance charges. If you call China from Hong Kong, the rate is the same no matter which part of China it is.

  • Stephan

    Hi Ron,

    I just stayes in HK and bought the One2Free SIM card at the 7th floor at airport.
    The support from the shop was 1+
    He ask what I want todo, configured the mobil and activated all neccessary options.
    Everywhere in HK I got HDSPA and the price for Internet and landline is very good.

    Many many thxs for your tipps.


    • Hi Stephan. Thank you very much for your comment!
      It makes me happy to know that my article actually helped you.

  • angie

    Hi Ron.. Thank you so much for the article you wrote.. i found it really helpful as I’m going to travel around HK, Macau and Shenzen this mid December. I just have one question for you, I will arrive in Hong Kong at 5 in the morning. And I am aware that I may not be able to get the prepaid sim card at the one2free counter in the Departure Hall since it may still close by the time I arrive in HK. I’m thinking of buying the simcard at 7 eleven store, do you think they sell the micro simcard for my samsung galaxy note 2, since the regular size won’t fit. Because buying the regular size sim card and having to bring it to the one2free caunter to get it cut qould be time-consuming and imoractical for me. Many thanks for your information

    • Hi Angie. All one2free Prepaid SIM cards are now pre-cut out of the box. You can just snap off the Micro-SIM portion from the regular SIM to use on your Note 2. No need to ask any one to cut it for you now.

      • terence

        How about nano sim for iPhone 5?

        • Hi Terence. As far as I know. There is no nano sim card available for prepaid services.

          • behonest

            Thank god I refused to upgrade my hardware to iPhone5. Love my iPhone4s! =P

          • flyhorsie

            I have an iphone 5, and i have bought a nano sim prepaid card in HK.

          • on

            where did you get it, and what package you got

          • Dear On, they have nano sim options now in their corporate stores. They are not available in convenience stores however.

    • anup

      Hi ron,this is anup here,I’m travelling to hongkong,macau,Shenzhen,2days Macao,3days hongkong,then 2days schenzen,want my whatsapp to work,and make few calls to india during my stay.buying a card from hongkong,would using it in macau ,schenzen would incur roaming charges,which card should I buy?

  • ckHong

    Hi Ron,
    From PCCW-HKT website, they have tourism packages of HKD69/96 which include 3g data of 1.5GB/5GB respectively. Are this the latest promo?

    Best regards,

    • Yes. PCCW tourist prepaid cards are quite competitive now. But I would still choose one2free power prepaid sim due to its reliability and service.

  • Melissa

    Hi may i ask if the data is supposed to activate immediately? Mine doesn’t seem to be activated although a text was sent telling me mobile data services have been activated

    • It may take a few minutes for your phone to get data service. If it takes longer than a few minutes, try to restart your phone. The worst case is that your phone is locked and cannot use data service in Hong Kong.

  • Vivien Tse

    Hi. we have internet cards available for short term rentals. This would be suitable for any expats who don’t have access to internet yet, and for those who are travelling to Hong Kong and need internet access through their laptop or tablet computers.

    Why pay for expensive hotel internet fees?


    10 GB(4G) – $380 for 30 days (Avg. of $11.5 per day)

    20 GB(3G) – $480 for 30 days (Avg. of $13 per day)

    Comparison of internet cards (1-month contract) from other companies:

    1 GB – $299 for 30 days

    PM me for more information.

  • James Aston

    What about Blackberry – we only use blackberry for security reasons

    • Hi James. I don’t think any prepaid SIM card supports BlackBerry data service in Hong Kong.

  • Julian

    Dear Ron,
    I visit HK and sometimes China monthly for not more than 5 days and would like your recommendation for a single prepaid card that I can use for HK and China, with top up feature. I hope to keep the handphone number as my overseas contact.

    • Hi Julian,
      You should get the China Mobile People’s Tourist Talk SIM card. You can get one Hong Kong number and one China number with this single SIM card. It works without any problem in Hong Kong and mainland China and you can just keep one SIM.

  • Antoine

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your useful article!
    I go next January to Hong Kong for 5 months. Coming form France, I will have a smartphone with me. What do you advise me to buy to answer my needs which are: 1) calling inside HK 2) to be able to call sometimes in France 3) access to the Internet on my smartphone.

    I could not see an offer for longer stay…(more than one month)

    • Hi Antoine,
      Get the one2free Power Prepaid SIM card. It is the best overall SIM card in Hong Kong. You can use it for as long as you want. You just need to add more value to it when it gets below HKD $10.

  • shaboora


    I only need to text, so I’m not worried about calling at all. It would be nice to have the option for internet access, but I was just wondering what the best sim card would be for a three month long stay for this.


    • Hi Shaboora,
      For some reason, sending text messages is quite expensive for prepaid SIM cards. There is no inclusive packages for sending SMS at all.
      Since everyone in Hong Kong uses Whatsapp for sending messages now, you can rely on mobile data for this. If you need fast Internet, get the one2free Power Prepaid SIM. If speed is not important and just want have enough to send Whatsapp messages or SMS, get the China Mobile Tourist Talk SIM card (2G Internet is free with this SIM).

  • Jimmy

    Hi Ron,

    I’ll be staying in HK Sheung Shui in the New Territories in Feb for 18 days. I was thinking of bringing a Huawei mifi modem and purchasing a pre paid sim with data and placing that in the mifi, allowing my family to access the internet during our stay. My question to you is this. With me staying in Sheung Shui what network provider is best for coverage for 3G? I’m needing either unlimited data or certainly as much data as possible so with that in mind which sim do you recommend? I was thinking about the One2Free 180 but not entirely sure what it offers. My final question is if there is a cap on the 180 option does that limit my internet usage per day as I would ideally prefer to access my data without a cap. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Jimmy,
      I am not familiar with the mifi modem so I am not too sure if that’s going to work. You will need a phone to activate mobile Internet subscriptions with the prepaid SIM cards. Your best bet is going to a retail store and ask for an Internet only SIM for tablets. Also, there is always a cap for Internet use. Even the unlimited ones will slow you down if you reach a certain cap.

  • Jack Johnson

    Hey Ron,
    Do they still sell the unlimited data on one2free since i cant find it on the
    Website as the last time i went to HK was December 2012

    • Dear Jack,
      They should still have it as many visitors replied saying they got it successfully not long ago, Their website had a refresh last year and for some reason they didn’t update the prepaid SIM card page.

  • Mani

    Hi Ron,

    Glad that you shared such a useful article! I am a student from India and I need your more help in this one..see, I with one of my friends are planning to travel to hong kong for a conference during 10th to 16th feb 2014 and we want to buy 2 sim cards (prepaid) which we can use – one in android phone and one in a basic 2G phone. Please tell which sim should we go for? yes, we do need internet plan 3G on the android. Also tell how much will be charged per minute to call any number in India from that sim? How much is the text message charge to India? and how much is the internet usage charge per hour basis? Lastly, how much is the charge to receive calls from India? Do they have any option to get the incoming call rate to minimum or zero? Our stay will be max 6 days..Please guide us..Thank you

    • Hi Mani,

      There is the new Hong Kong Tourist SIM card that you should get. Sounds like you don’t need a lot of data and calling home is your main concern. You can get the 5-Day Pass for HKD $69 and you get 1.5 GB of 3G data and receive calls for free from India. Calling India is only HKD $0.45 per minute which is the lowest among prepaid SIM cards in Hong Kong. It includes HKD $25 worth of value for calls. For 2 cards combined you will have $50 for calling home, which should be okay if you don’t talk for hours. You can get it at any 7-Eleven.

  • Kevin

    Hi Ron,

    Feels like you are an expert in HK prepaid sim 🙂
    Can you please shed some light on my scenario. I will be going to HK for a 6 months volunteer work. What will be the best prepaid/plan to get while I am there? I will be using 3G data often (or 4G if available) with program such as Skype and Whatsapp, What can you recommend?

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • Dear Kevin,

      For your case, I would recommend the one2free Power Prepaid SIM since you want to use Skype. It is quite good for longer stay and the speed is the fastest comparing to other Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards.

      But I urge you to go up to the departure level after arriving at HKIA and visit the one2free retail store and ask if there is any monthly 4G or LTE plans you can join without a contract. Maybe they will hook you up with a good deal. They are quite nice and helpful!

      • Kevin

        Thanks Ron for your superbly fast reply! 🙂
        All the best if your business and will pass your blog around to my other business friends. Cheers~

        • Thank you very much and have a great trip in Hong Kong!

  • GaoTaWei

    Hi Ron,
    Appreciate for your information. Thums Up.
    I Will be in Hongkong for a week and hoping to get a good data connection.
    Following the discussion below, I conclude that one2free power prepaid network is the one which is having more reliable and speed connection compare with PCCW-HKT??
    Thank you

    • Hi GaoTaWei. Yes, I find the one2free network to be faster with its HSPA+ connection and decent coverage even when you are at higher floors. The PCCW really shines if you can utilise its WiFi hotspot network throughout the city. In my opinion, you will not be staying at a single location long enough to take advantage of a WiFi hotspot. You will be better off with a reliable 3G connection instead.

  • HK_tourist

    good day!! may i ask if we a group of 5 tourist going to HK for 5 days and we each bought the 5-day pass sim…does it mean that we can unli call and msg each other using the 5-day pass sim??? thanks

  • Kyla

    Hi Ron! I’m going to stay 2 days in Macau and then ride a ferry to Hong Kong and stay for 3 days. Is the One2Free available in Macau too? Or is there a SIM card I can use in both areas? I want use unlimited data.

    • Kyla

      Also how to subscribe to One2Free 7-day pass?

      • Hi Kyla, no you will not get data while roaming in Macau.
        To subscribe, you just need to follow the instructions on the booklet included with your sim card purchase. You basically just type some code on the dialling screen.

  • raja

    Hi I’ll be in HKG for a month and I need a sim card just to make few local calls and thru whatsapp stay In touch with family and friends, what should I buy when I land there? pls respond to my email id


    Hi, I am doing an Asia cruise next month from Vancouver. Overnight in Hong Kong and 7 days in Beijing. Can HK prepaid sim card work in Beijing ?

    • Yes. But you will not get data while roaming.

  • bolero

    Hi Ron

    I will be going to HKG for four days and I use internet very often. Please advise which type of plan should I get?

    For this “one2free power prepaid SIM” is it unlimited use of internet? and can it use on Note 3?

    Million of thanks.

    • Hi, it is not really unlimited as there is a data cap of 4GB per month.
      For 4 days I recommend getting the Hong Kong Tourist Sim card 5-day pass.

  • April

    Hi Ron,

    Can this One2Free Power Prepaid SIM be used in a 3G mobile hotspot device (pocket wifi)?

    • You can use it on your phone and tether the data off if your phone has this function.

  • rp_guy


    What about the $198 3G Data prepaid sim? You can see it here:

    There is a lower monthly charge cap ($168), although the sim price is higher ($198). I believe I used it the last time I traveled to HK for a month, but it was called an iPad sim.

    • Hi, thanks for sharing. Seems like this is a good sim card for longer stays.

  • Chee Seong Tan

    Hi Ron
    For One2Free Power Prepaid SIM, is it really unlimited if we subscribe to $78/week data plan? From their website, it’s stating “Mobile Data 30-Day Pass: 1GB at $88”, so that your “unlimited” term mean you will get distorted speed after reaching 1GB bandwidth? By the way, how to opt for the $78/week plan, just tell the operator when you purchase or any keys to subscribe?


    • Hi, I believe the page you are preferring to is out of date. Their website currently does not show any prepaid sim cards.

  • PropART

    Hi Ron
    I will be going to Hong Kong on March 8 to March 16. Will be staying in Hong Kong on March 8 to March 13, will spend a day in Macau then March 13 morning to Shenzhen until March 16 evening then stay Hong Kong for a night before heading home. Kindly recommand what are the best prepaid sim to purchase for both data and little local call. Any prepaid that can be used in Macau and Shenzhen for data.
    Please advice

    • Hi, the only way to get data in both Shenzhen and Macau is to get a China Unicom prepaid sim in China. Its network is very strong and you will actually receive data service while in Macau.

  • HoriSheet

    Hi Ron,

    My friend who is already in HK for work passed along your blog which is a great read but I’d still like your recommendation.

    My girlfriend and I will be visiting HK from February 23 through March 8th. We are staying with my brother who lives in Kowloon and he has no internet or Wifi in his apartment. I have an iPhone 4S which has been unlocked. Since this is our first time to HK and my brother is mostly working, we will be exploring on our own and want data for using maps, checking the internet for information and also checking emails and sending iMessages. We would only need to make a few local calls.

    Which micro sim above so you think would be best for our two week visit?

    Also, do the shops help you install the micro sim? I won’t have a tool on me to open up the iPhone 4S.

    Appreciate any and all advice.


  • Rose

    Hi Ron,

    Will I still be able to buy the One2Free prepaid sim from 1010 shop, circle k, vanGo, or 7-eleven at HKIA if my ETA is around 21:10? That is assuming my flight won’t be delayed.

    What time do these stores usually close? I was hoping I could buy the sim card before I proceed to the hotel.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rose, most convenience stores open 24 hours in Hong Kong. So you won’t need to worry.

  • behonest

    My friend just came back from HK, and she bought a sim card that has unlimited data for a month/30 days, along with a couple hundred minutes of talk-time and text package. Do you know what company offers that? (She has since tossed that sim card away upon on her return.)

  • behonest

    By the way, thank you for the in depth article, I find it VERY helpful.

  • Barry

    Hi Ron, great sharing. Base on your opinion, as I will be in HK for 8 days. My main preference would be data. I doubt I will make any calls or maybe just a few calls if really need to. Which sim card would your suggestion be? Also if I would to make a day trip to Macau, will the data be counted as roaming?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Barry, if data is your main need you should go for the one2free power prepaid sim.

      Base on my own experience, you can roam calling and texting in Macau but not data. You will not get data signal while in Macau with Hong Kong Prepaid sim cards.

      I found that China Unicom receives 4G signal in Macau and China Mobile gets 2G Edge signal. So you may try the China Mobile People’s prepaid sim and get data in Macau.

  • Joanna

    I will be going hongkong, Macau and zhuhai. Which prepaid card should I get? I need Internet.

    • All Hong Kong prepaid sim cards will work in Macau and China. But you will be charged roaming rates for calling. You will not get Internet data while roaming. Data only works in Hong Kong. If you need data in Macau and China, you will need to get local sim cards.

      I highly recommend getting the China Unicom tourist sim cards while in Zhuhai. China Unicom has a big network in Macau, so you can use that in Macau to receive data as well.

  • HK_tourists

    sir ron please i need your help!!!good day!! may i ask if we a group of 5 tourist going to HK for 5 days
    and we each bought the 5-day pass sim…does it mean that we can unli
    call and msg each other using the 5-day pass sim??? thanks

    • You can have unlimited local calls for the Hong Kong Tourist Sim 5-day pass. So you can call each other for free. But SMS is HKD $0.10 per message sent. You will have HKD $25 allowance for that. So basically you can send 250 messages for free.

      • HK_tourists

        Sir Ron thank you very much!

  • Holly

    Hi Ron,
    I will be traveling to Hong Kong for 11 days, bringing my iPhone 5 that is unlocked. I’d like to make local texts and texts back to the us, and have some data. Perhaps some local calls as well, what is the best option for SIM card do you think? Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Holly, please read my review on the one2free power prepaid sim. I highly recommend that.

  • Jon Moss

    Hi Ron,

    Great article and lots of good advice, thanks.. I was wondering if you can help me specifically please? I’m arriving in Hong Kong for a short business trip next week so will obviously need a SIM but I have specific needs…

    1) i Have an iPhone5 so need the teeny, tiny, ultra-silly nano SIM.
    2) I’ll be 3 days in Hong Kong and 3 days in Macau and need my phone in both locations.
    3) Ideally I’d like a SIM that I can put away and recharge on return visits to HK/Macau (ie: my own permanent number).

    With regard to the 3rd request, I don’t want to have to recharge every month as I may only be over once every 12-18 months. I know in Australia, even if your credit runs out your number stays current (and can receive calls) for up to 12 months. Do you know if this is the same in Hong Kong?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Dear Jon:
      1) Most of them do have nano card versions now. You just want to visit the actual corporate stores to get them. Convenience stores only carry the regular/micro sim cards.
      2) Your Hong Kong sim card will work in Macau automatically. But you will be charged roaming rates.
      3) Most Hong Kong prepaid sim cards expire after 6 months of inactivity. If you want to maintain your HK number overseas, you can top up values of your account online every few months.

  • Philip

    Hi Ron

    We are going to visit HK next month and be back again in August then possibly October. Which prepaid Micro SIM card is best for us?

    • Get the One2free power prepaid sim card. It will remain active for 6 months after the last usage. So it should be good for your case.

  • Gregory

    Hi Ron,

    I will be working in HK for 3 months and I need 3G data. Which prepaid sim card do you recommend with unlimited 3G data during my stay? I will be having a working WIFI in the serviced apartment that I’ll be staying.

    • For longer term stays you should visit the retail shops and ask them what is best for you. As all the cards I recommend here are only best for visitors of a short stay.

  • ViraL

    Hi I will be in HK for a week.
    But need to call Mumbai, on daily basis.
    Can u suggest for international

    • Get the one2free power prepaid sim card and use Skype or Viber to call home. It is the cheapest way to call long distance.

  • Edd

    I’ve tried looking for a 3g internet sim at the 3 store at the HK airport but was told they didn’t have it and got me to sign up for a internet monthly tariff (which needed my HK address and ID) instead, saying that it would be the same price but would need to go back to them to cancel the contract when I leave which I did, a few weeks later when I was back in the UK I got a email from 3 saying that I had to pay additional costs because my contract wasn’t cancelled by the useless guy at the 3 store at the airport! Ended up paying double the money for a few weeks of internet…avoid 3 if you can, I’ll be looking for the one2free store when I head over to HK again in a fortnight this time.

    • Hi Edd. Sorry to hear about your experience. Yes, I heard “3” isn’t the best in terms of service.

      In any case, do not sign any contract. Those are only for locals. As tourists, you only want prepaid services to avoid problems later on.

      Do not give any address or ID, just buy the card and done.

  • Wei Ling

    Hi Ron So, I’m going to hong kong on next wed for 4 days can you advise which sim card plan should i buy as i mostly wan to use for Facebook and whatapps? Thanks.

    • Hi Wei Ling. For only 4 days, get the Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card 5 day pass since you will just use Facebook on your phone.

  • Luciana Castro

    Hi Ron,

    I’ll visiting HK, Beijing And GUANGZHOU for 10 days april. Which prepaid sim Card You recommned? Can I use the same prepaid Card in all cities? Thanks

    • Hi, no you can’t use the Hong Kong sim card in China. You can get the Peoples China Mobile sim card and get voice to work in China, but you won’t be able to get data.

      • Luciana Castro


  • cristina

    Hi ron thanks for the article. Im planning to go to hong kong for 10 days, i really need quick 3g, I have an iphone 4 (not sure how to check this compatibility ur talking about ” Most 3G wireless providers in Hong Kong use the UMTS/HSDPA frequency of 2100 MHz. Make sure your phone supports this frequency in order to have full 3G speed”), for sure it is unlocked, so would u suggest i get the
    3G Prepaid SIM Cards With “Unlimited” Data ” ? im there 9 whole days, so im not sure which plan would work best for me. what would you recommend? thank you.

    • Hi Cristina, iPhones will be fine for 3G internet in Hong Kong.
      Try the one2free power prepaid sim card. It is the one I highly recommend. But many convenience stores don’t carry it anymore. So go visit the one2free store on the departure level when you arrive to get one.

  • lexxie

    Very useful. Thank you so much. Will read more articles from your blog.

    • Thanks for reading lexxie!

  • Ekay Pang

    hi there, im flying to hk next week n staying for 10 days! which prepaid micro sim is my best option? more mins & data would be great!

    • Hi Ekay. I highly recommend the one2free power prepaid sim card. It is highly flexible and you can load more money to do the things you need to do

  • Amber

    Hi Ron,
    I live in the UK. My family and I will be visiting Hong Kong for 2 weeks. I want to buy some Hong Kong sim cards so that if we get lost in HK, we can call each other. We do not need any internet nor will we need to make international calls. We only want to be able to make voice calls to one another. Which sim cards would you recommend?

    • Hi Amber, if you just need to make calls get the China Mobile (People’s) Tourist Talk sim card. It is very good value if you just need calling.

  • Nihar

    Hi Ron,
    i’m thinking of getting the one2free power prepaid sim. i need mainly for data and few calls and am thinking of the $88 value and subscribing to $78 data plan for the week. i travel to HK every year same time so want to maintain same number always that i can give to various people. will this work on the one2free to maintain the same number always without having to top-up credits until my next visit

    • Hi Nihar, your sim card and number will expire after 6 months of inactivity. To maintain it while back home, you will have to keep adding money to it online every few months.

  • Hobun Pang

    Hi Ron,

    Im heading to HK in April for 2 weeks in April, Im looking to get 3 sim cards,
    One for just calls and text and the other 2 for data mainly but still texts and calls,
    Would it be cheaper to get a month contract sort of thing?

    Just wondering which sim cards you recommend.


    • Dear Hobun, it is not recommended to get into any contract since you may get hit with hidden termination fees etc… Just get the one2free Power Prepaid SIM at the airport after arriving and you can do those 3 things all in one card for a low fee.

  • priya

    hi.. would be traveling to Hongkong for 5 days what is the best plan plus need to use Ipad. do u have any plans for ipad

    • Dear Priya, you can get the one2free power prepaid SIM for your phone and then enable wifi tethering. You can connect your iPad to that and share the same internet connection.

  • Katrina

    We are a family of 6, so we were wondering what sim would be the best roaming data for us. We don’t really need calls, and it would be good if we can use it as a hotspot as well. 🙂

    • Katrina

      And we’ll be staying for 11days.

    • Dear Katrina, you should get the one2free power prepaid sim if you only need data. You can enable wifi tethering on your phone and make it a hotspot for other devices to connect to. Speed is very good in most areas of Hong Kong.

  • Bruinboy

    great article, I need a sim card that will work for 10 days in both Mainland China and Hong Kong for voice, text and data, any suggestions?

    • You can get the People’s China Mobile sim card to work in Hong Kong and China. The downside is that they only offer 2G EDGE internet which can be really slow.

  • Ritesh

    Hi Ron,

    I would like to know I am travelling to Hongkong, shenzen n macau in last week of april can u pl suggest which pre paid sim card should i buy i am travelling for 10 days. and if data pack is not available its ok for me

    • If you need a sim card that works in Hong Kong, China, and Macau, you should get the People’s China Mobile card. You will only get 2G EDGE internet but it works everywhere.

  • Shane

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for this incredibly helpful article. It seems like the One2Free card is the one for me, but I am having trouble finding prices on their website for calls to the US. I need data, and plan to make plenty of phone calls to the US. Also, is it easy to add money to the card?

    • Hi, their website lacks information on prepaid cards. My recommendation to you is to get the data package and use Skype to make calls back to US. I tried that many times and the calls are very clear just like normal calls. You can add value at any convenience store.

  • Henry


    I need a data only sim for use in Hong Kong for 2-3 months, preferably truly unlimited or with generous/high usage allowance per month. I will be streaming incoming video amongst other things. What would be the best provider?

    With HK’s infrastructure I am kind of surprised there are not more competitive mobile broadband (data only) choices available.


  • Angelina Ji

    Hi, is the Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card sufficient for 4 days in HK if I just need to use my phone probably for, Social Media Apps / WhatsApp/ Google Maps? Because I saw that you mentioned the data might not be enough for Power-users, but I’m not sure how do you define Power-users?

  • Shasha

    Excellent article. Thanks.
    What would you recommend for a 5 day trip where data usage would be primarily WhatsApp, Maps and calling would mostly be international?

  • Flix

    does those prepaid cards works in Macau too, or I have to buy a card to use in HK and another one in Macau?

  • virgo

    Hi Ron, Let me ask you a question. Is this PCCW Mobile 3G Rechargeable SIM Card compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone? Thanks in advance

  • Mel

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks so much for the info and discussion below. This is a really useful article and has answered my questions regarding the purchase of a prepaid SIM card in HK.
    I’ll be going HK next week! Cheers!


  • KaN RoCkS

    Hi i need a sim card for calling india from hong kong and 3G net

  • choice


    Is it possible to reload/top up credits on the HK prepaid card in China, neighbor countries as Vietnam, Taiwan and so on ?

  • April Chan

    I used the HK Tourist Sim Card for 5 days use for my visit to HK during the last weekend and found it to be very useful and convenient. The price is also more than reasonable and is easily obtainable in HK. I recommend those who are visiting to HK for a short stay between 3 to 8 days to use this sim card. However, the sim card with unlimited data usage as suggested by Ron is also helpful if data usage is anticipated to be heavy. Thank you for the good advice, Ron.

  • Anon

    Hi Ron – Just thought I would let you know that I followed your recommendation and bought a One2Free SIM on arrival at the airport. The guys in the 1010 shop were super helpful and the service was great. I was in HK for a week and the 7 day data plan was perfect! Thanks very much for the useful article.

  • Emily

    Hi Ron,

    I will be staying in HK from 5/19-6/2. During my visit, I will also stay in Macau for two-three days. I need to use 3G data a lot but not a lot of local calls, and no international calls. Which SIM card do you recommend? Is there one SIM card for both HK and Macau?

  • terence

    which prepaid sim card can be use for MACAU and Hongkong with unlimited 3G??

  • Chris

    Hi Ron,

    If I buy the $88 prepaid power sim and load the Mobile Data 30-Day Pass: 1GB at $88!# package, does this mean I don’t have any leftover credit for voice/text calls? Is there a way to load less than $50 worth of credit? I probably only need 10HKD worth of credits for the few local calls that I will be making.


  • HBimeda

    Hi Ron, im a seafarer and we usually stay in HK Ports for maximum of 2 days. im always purchasing a 100HK$ 3-mobile sim, and registering on the 1week data plan. im wondering if there’s any one day data plan which is i think will be more cheaper. thanks in advance.

  • Wilks

    Hi Ron!

    I’m a student and would be staying in Hong Kong for approximately 2 months for my exchange. I tend to use more of social media applications on my smart phone and relatively lesser of landline calls or text messaging. I would like to ask which prepaid data plan is more advisable for such usage and duration for my stay at Hong Kong. Would be great to hear your recommendations on this!

    Thanks many!

  • OJ

    Hi Ron,

    2 of us will be travelling to HK on July. It’s ok for us to just use wifi wherever it’s available. Is it okay for us to buy just one PCCW simcard and connect throguh wifi with our devices using the same number and password?

  • Darwin Lin

    Hi ron!
    I will be going to HK this 29, 30.. Macau 31 to 2 then 2,3,4 Hk again. What should I buy? I’m a heavy Internet user like Facebook and Instagram. Plesse help me! Thanks 🙂

  • kathie

    Hey Ron! Thanks for the wonderfully informative article and comparisons. I’m going to be in hk for 3 weeks…and I’m using a Verizon galaxy s4. Which plan or sim card would you recommend considering what’s most important is the use of internet and internet apps? I really appreciate you taking your time out to respond. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Ron, are the networks in Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen all different thus no one sim card can be used as a local sim in each place? At the very least I would like one sim card for 3G use that can be used for Hong Kong and Shenzhen but won’t be charged as roaming in the one of the place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Nick

    This summary is great. Wife and daughter just landed and got their one2free cards. All setup in circleK shop. 1010 shop was closed, it’s 11:45pm there. Hardest part was finding the 1010 shop, but that’s because the airport is so big. They knew where it was, just had to find their way. They both have iphone 4’s, I am texting them via iMessage, will try FaceTime after, they wake up. They got the $88hkd card and are using the data plan, and I suggested just getting a $50 voucher if they run out.

  • Eric

    Hi Ron,

    regarding the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM that you mentioned, is the nano sim version available at the 1010 shop at the Hong Kong International Airport?

  • Kaj

    I will be going Hk, macau and shenzhen for a week tip, my major data usage will be whats app, google search and rarely Map. I guess 2G should suffice my need. Is there any card which can works in all 3 places without any hiccup in data usage, Which prepaid sim card do you recommend during my stay?

  • Bebe

    Hi Ron,
    I will be staying in hk for 3 days then go to Macau for 3 days. In between I will go to Zhuhai from Macau for a day. So which prepaid card should I buy?

    • Justina

      Hi, Ron. Please reply as I am travelling to Hong Kong and Macau.

  • dpowers

    Try g3wireless. G3 is based in Toronto and offers competitive rates to over 70 countries at the moment. Just make sure you have an unlocked 3G phone. The SIM card costs $30 and includes $10 of free airtime credit. Plus you can choose between a US or Canadian phone number.

  • kimmy

    Thanks for the info. well noted for my business trip!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi, can you please help me with my doubt. Would be most appreciate it.
    I bought an iphone5s in Malaysia. I’m travelling to HK. I’m not too sure whether should I unlock my iphone? Can you pls help me?

  • Thanh Nguyen

    Hi Ron,
    Which is the best place to get the PCCW (or one2free) when I arrived at the airport? I mean, I need a place which is easy and quick to find. Could you please show me where and the “address” of that shop in the airport?
    Your article helped me alot, thanks in advance.

  • Pelle

    Thank you for a great review.

    5GB is nothing nowadays specially if you are staying for 30 days.
    Do you know any prepaid sim that offers 10GB/month?
    Besides from buying a 2nd card after 15 days 🙂


  • ep

    do the one2Free power SIM work on the blackberry 9810 phones?

  • Iven NTW

    Hi Ron,
    Does this simcard continue to work if I am to stop over at Macau for 2days?

  • Fliss

    Hi Ron, thanks for the article…really helpful. I’m going to be travelling to Hong Kong for a week and need to know which sim package to sign up for. My main requirement is either 3G/4G internet connection (phone). Phone calls are secondary. Would the One2Free Power Prepaid package be a good deal?

  • riz

    this. is. super. HELPFUL. thank you for this post!

  • rG-tom


    I’m actually going to Hong Kong for about 6 months, and want a simcard that offers ~5gb a month of 4G with no hidden costs. What is my best option? I very rarely call.



  • Michael

    I am moving to Hong Kong, should I bring my 4G phone or buy a new one?

  • Fadzliee Asmat

    Thanks for sharing this, I will be travelling to Hong Kong next month and this is a very helpful information. I go with PCCW.

  • Madhusudan Katakam

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks for the detailed information…
    my assignment in HK is for 3-4 months… my requirement is only ISD and 3g data…
    I wanted to call india as much as possible… also skype for video calling and whatsup for texting….

    Please help me to find the perfect plan which is reasonable and saves money.

  • Ashish

    Hi Ron,

    I will be going to HK for 2 days and then regular business trips later.Can one2free power prepaid SIM phone number and data balance used in later trips?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Raiden

    Hi Ron,

    So I’m a uni student in the US but I still live in HK. I always come back to HK during the holidays and my mother has given me her iPhone 5. What SIM card would you recommend for the iPhone 5 (I’m looking for one that you can add cash value to continuously) and one that has either 3G/4G.



  • Tancho

    Ron, wondering why you do not feel save in Hong Kong without a mobile, I always felt relatively save there, but I have not been to all the dark alleys yet …

  • Julinha

    Hi, what would you recommend for a 5-6 weeks stay in Hong Kong, I need 3G data and want to make calls. Also, is there an option where I can use the simcard in China, too, for a reasonable price? Thank you

  • KK

    I will be in Hong Kong from 8/11/14 – 18/11/14. What type of prepaid SIM card would you advise me to purchase? Please share the descriptions of the packages. Thanks.

  • Belinda Wong

    Dear Ron

    I’ll be travelling to Hkg in 2 days time. May I know if I need a SIM card just mainly for data/internet package used only, will PCCW package HKD69 be better than one2free power prepaid? And if yes or no, what’s the difference for both apart from price? Thanks for your help.

  • Janessa

    Hi Ron, I will be in Macau for 3 days and Hong Kong for 7 days, which SIM card would you recommend for which I can call and use 3G in both HK and Macau?


  • Sarah

    Hello , am staying in Hong Kong for 3-5 days and I need 3G for maps and everything Else what do you think I should use ?

  • Rosli Talib

    Hi Ron, I’ll be coming to Hong Kong from Guangzhou. Do they have any plan that I can buy in Guangzhou and still can be use in Hong Kong.


  • Pauline

    Hi, I will be going to HK for 5 days. I just need to dial local calls and whatsapp/sms.
    Am holding an android phone..which plan is the most suitable for me.


  • Chai Chee Wei

    i need a prepaid card for unlimited data and some International call to singapore which would u recommend

  • N


    I will be in HK for 4 days in October. I need to use mainly just 3G data (preferably “unlimited”) and very minimal usage of international phone calls. I thought your post was very helpful but it is also confusing me a little. Which prepaid sim card would you recommend?

    Thanks a lot!

  • bw

    how about toggles? do they have any?bq

  • Muriel

    Hi Ron,
    My husband has just flown to HK for a 3 months project, and he has no WIFI in the appartement where he stays, he wanted to get an internet key or cube, but that can only be done with a contract, is that correct?! What will he exactly need for setting one up? Is it not possible to get a rechargeable card for an internet key or cube?
    Also is there a 3-store IFC mall?
    Appreciate your help!

  • Glenda

    I will be in Hong Kong for 15 days and only need it for phone calls and text messages to Australia. Which would be the best sim for me please and can I get one at the airport

  • ryoueziam

    Hi Ron, I will be going to Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan for 24 days, I need to get a sim card that will allow me to get Internet service (data) unlimited. I will also need it to make calls, is the one 2 free the best one I should get? How do I refill If I need to, can I do it at 7-11

  • Barb

    I always purchase the HappyTelecom 3G Power prepaid SIM for H$288 at the airport ( only when expired do I have to replace ) – I am trying to locate the site that allows me to recharge via PayPal or credit card online. The website is all in Chinese even tho they claim they translate ( not really )… but cannot locate it… Not a biggie as I can recharge at airport.. but just thought it would be easier via online.

  • KM

    Excellent article. Thank you for taking the effort & going into detail.

  • Jackie

    Hi Ron,

    I will be visiting HK for a month and I need a nano sim for my iphone5, just need it for local calling (including Macau, but not important) and texting (local and to Canada) What are my best options??

    Thanks 🙂


  • flugzeugbauer

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • roro

    what about internet for an apartment? I will be in hk for 3 weeks.

  • guest

    I purchased a prepaid PCCW – 3G rechargeble sim and the cover didnot mention that even incoming calls are charged at the same tariff as the outgoing.
    When I complained to them, they are not responding.
    Any advice ?

  • Linda

    Hi Ron,
    Your post is so helpful. Thank you so much.
    I’d like to use 3G and also international calling. One2 Free is the best for 3G, but I cannot make international calling. The Peoples Tourist Talk is good for me to make international calling, however it’s too expensive to use internet. Hong Kong Tourist Sim card sounds good for both 3G and international calling, but expiry date only 5 or 8, and I cannot recharge if I’ve run out of money.
    I’m going to Hong Kong on Sunday 19 Oct. I will stay there within 7 days.
    Do you have any further suggestion?

    Thank you.

  • Karl

    Hi is it possible to just pay a 5-8 day pass just to use their wifi without changing my current sim card?

  • Elain

    Great article. Update – I’m in HK now and the 1010 shop is on the arrivals floor (5th floor). One2free costs $100. $78 for data for a week with the rest for phone/ texts etc.

    • Hi Elain. Thank you for sharing this information!

  • Sandy Elizondo

    Hello, I’m in HK now and purchased a tourist SIM card for 5 days which does not work because my iPhone 5 is locked- When I try to unlock it makes me reset to factory which means it will erase any saved data (music, pics, etc). I do not want to do this. Is there a way to bypass this and just unlock temporarily, in order to use the tourist SIM card for last 5 days of my stay in HK ?

  • FOX

    Hi Ron,
    Can I use the 5 day pass prepaid 3G to use on my other phone on personal hotspots……I am buying the 5 Day pass card

    • Yes, you can simply enable the tethering function on your phone and allow other phones to share the same data.

  • Winson Ye

    Hi, Ron.
    I am organise a group of Australian friend to HK. We will be staying about 6 days, Which prepaid SIM Card do you recommend during the 6 days travel ?
    Thank you very much ,

  • lesley

    Hi Ron,

    May I ask if the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM can be used in portable pocket wifi devices and can serve multiple users. I’m planning to get the $78/ week subsription.


  • Sue

    Hi Ron,

    I purchased the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM when I visited Hong Kong on March this year. I am planning to go Hon Kong again next year in March too. Can I still use my SIM there or do I need to buy a new one.


    • Hi Sue, I think the sim card will expire after 6 months of inactivity. But I believe you can still load up money on it and use it again.

  • carl

    Hi, thanks for the info but i would like to ask more about it. Im staying in hong kong for 5 days but i wont be making calls and will only use internet. which one should i get ?

    • Simply use the Tourism Sim Card for HKD $69. You can just use the data on it and not make any calls.

  • Ray

    Hi Ron,

    I am going to Hong Kong to study abroad for 10 weeks January 2015. I am wondering which card would be best? I would mainly use data because I can use apps for texting and calling like Skype and WeChat.


  • Srinivas

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for sharing the most valuable info for those who visit to HK. I am visiting HK next week and I will stay in HK for 3 months. I’m coming on a business trip and I would have access to Net in my Office and Hotle. But When I’m out of this places I would need to access internet.

    Please advice the best sim card which I can buy so that I get the best data plan with Best price and validity

    • Hi Srinivas. For 3 months you should sign up a plan. Prepaid sim cards are not your best option for long term usage.

  • Ivy Orevillo

    Hello I will be staying. in Hongkong for 2yrs I think. what do I need to buy simcard and what phone will works good pls response i need help.i only need simcard for wifi unlimited if they have sim like that .pls help.

    • For long term usage, it is best to sign up a plan. Any provider will have plans for long term usage. Please note that there are no more plans with unlimited data. You can get something like 1GB/2GB/6GB per month.

  • Rox

    Hi Ron, I will be travelling to HK and Macau from 1-7th Jan…1-4 i ll be in HK and from 4-7 i will be in macau….i use blackberry device,….i only want 3G data and very few local calls,….which is the best option u suggest??…thanks in advance.

  • missycc

    Hi Ron, is there a prepaid card that allows me to use it both in hkg and shenzhen? Thanks

    • Yes, use the China Mobile sim cards so you will be able to get both a Hong Kong number and China mobile number. However, you will not be able to use data while in Shenzhen.

  • Ratna

    Hi Ron, my Manager will be traveling to Hongkong 20 – 22jan. he basically needs the SIM card for calls & data usage. as he uses smartphone (nexus), will HKD$69 works ?

    • Yes. the Tourism Sim Card for HKD $69 will be a good option. The Google Nexus is usually unlocked so it will be fine.

  • brycenesbittt

    Hi Ron,
    What about Schenzen? Which of these cards is likely to be useful near the border and/or deeper into the PRC?

  • HKSC

    The list doesn’t seem to be up-to-date tho… Some wasn’t selling at all in the convince store the last time I went to Hong Kong. Last time, I got my SIM card from which is easier to choose.

  • Che Tan

    Hi Ron. Would you be able to recommend a sim that includes already macau roaming with data? I will be traveling for 1 day overnight in macau and 5 days in hk this February 2015. Thanks so much!

  • Guest

    Hi Ron. I will be going to Hongkong on Feb 2015
    and this is inclusive of an overnight in Macau. Would you be able to recommend a sim that already has free data roaming in Macau? Thanks so much in advance!

  • Griffo Yger

    Not feeling safe in Hong Kong? Really? To me, HK the safest place in the world, after Japan.

  • Lynn

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for sharing these helpful information.

    I own a pocket Wifi and am wondering if i can use the One2Free Power Prepaid SIM on the pocket wifi and share the 3G Data among 2-3 devices.
    I also understand that there is another product One2Free Mobile Broadband Prepaid Service. It has a starter pack that include HKD100 stored value and a Express 7 Modem. Not sure if you know about this product but if you do, does this work like a pocket wifi? Can the 3G Data be shared amoung 2 – 3 Devices?
    I will be in HKG for 15 days and it will be very much appreaciate if you could help me as i need 3G Data to keep up with the work.
    Thanks so much!

  • Anne

    I install a SIM card in my iPhone 4S. It doesn’t go. In the settings I can’t type the sim pin. The function is not activ..

  • Anne

    I install a SIM card HKT PCCW in my iPhone 4S. It doesn’t go. In the settings I can’t type the sim pin. The function is not a ACTIV.

  • Jason

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the writeup! I recently arrived in HK and purchased the One2free $88 prepaid starter pack. Quick question – how do you subscribe to the data packs? The handset I’m using is a Nexus 5.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Derek Mitchell

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks for your useful info.
    Here’s my position. My sister is heading to HK from the UK, and I am going there from Australia. I’ll be using my own mobile number, and I’m sorted. But my sister will need a prepaid sim for an old iphone3 that I’m taki with me.
    She’ll only want to make a few calls in the week we’re there, mostly to find out where I am!
    Do you still recommend the 2G Peoples Super Talk $48 cards hanks

  • Man

    Hi, I know this article written in early 2014, is the rate increase a little bit? If I plan to stay in HK for a month, but during that time, I will need to travel to Japan for a week. I need local phone call and Internet 3G; what option is good? Is the PCCW 8 days pass still available? Because my husband is also going to stay but for a shorter time.

  • Jimmy

    What speeds would an iPhone 5S get on the $80 CMHK 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card?

  • Ch khan

    hi @deluxesolutions:disqus i am going HK for permanent bases which u recmond for hk and international calls as well..

  • Honsei

    I’m mostly looking to use my phone for texting so I guess the PCCW Mobile 3G Rechargeable SIM Card is the best with sent texts from 0.10 to 1.80? Is it 0.10 for local texts any time or is it like the local calls where there is a peak and non-peak period? Very helpful article by the way. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Ron, ur really great to simplify the complexities of prepaid SIMs. Bravo bro. Michael (Malaysia)

  • Ron

    Does any of the HK prepaid sim cards you mentioned in the article support data roaming in neighbouring Guangdong province in mainland China and/or Macau? If so, what are the rates?

  • Jose Alban

    Thank you very much for the information, my friend!

  • Derek

    Hi Ron,

    Any changes to your article as on today?

    Thanks for a very informative piece.

  • Rock Rox

    Yes it’s very helpful thanks for sharing

  • Jay Jay

    Hi, Ron. I am going to stay in Hong Kong for 6 days in June. I’m planning to carry my Wi-Fi modem to tether for my laptop and smartphone. I don’t have to call. The only thing I need is data service. What would you recommend? Thanks.

  • Hunx Lam

    Thanks for a very useful and helpful article. Last year I used the one2free power pre-paid and a mobile broadband sim card for my mifi dongle for my 3 week stay, and was perfect, easy to top-up and use! This year I will try the 3hk data sim for my mifi, and sticking with one2free for my phone. Cheers!

  • Ethan

    PCCW used to have an International SIM card where i could receive calls and sms while im in Overseas. May i know what is the name again? its in Green Packaging .

  • Ethan

    Thanks ROn

  • Donna Wilson

    I’m travelling to Europe for almost four weeks and then I’ll be spending 3 days in Hong Kong. I have a locked iPhone 6 which will cost a lot to unlock so I thought I’d just buy a cheap phone when I get to Europe. I need to call my family at home. Will the phone that I buy in Europe work in Hong Kong?

  • lakv2010

    Hi ! I am going to be staying in Hong Kong for three months. I was wondering what type of plan should I get for my phone? I know that if I use my phone abroad it will cost a lot to use it in HK.

  • Seamas Lim

    Hi Ron, I think I’m more or less have decided which prepaid SIM card I will buy unless you want to change my mind?-I will take the one2free power prepaid SIM as the rates for the local and international calls and messages, and the internet data packages seem the best as compared to the others-I need to stay in Hong Kong to work for at least a year-is the one2free power prepaid SIM a better deal than 3 Hong Kong 3G Super Value Monthly?

    Occasionally, I don’t use the Internet, so if I don’t subscribe to the data plan $78/week, will I get the full $88 for calls and messages? How long is the expiry for this $88 card? Thanks for your answers in advance.

  • Sacha

    Hi Ron,
    I was wondering what you would recommend for someone who is staying for 3 to 4 months. I’m going on an exchange as a student and will be using 3G on my iphone 5. If i call internationally it will be via Skype.
    Kind regards,

  • jack

    hi am in UK but i need hongkong sim card for my international calling and i wil moving around globe but i want to use single number so i was choosing hongkong

    • Hi Jack, if I understand correctly I think you should use Skype instead and subscribe to a Hong Kong number via Skype.

  • starx

    hi ron,
    i’m in HK now and staying for the next 6 months. currently used csl tourist card (5GB/ 8 days) but just found out that i cant extend the data plan. what simcard should i use if i want a card with good internet access

    • Hi Starx, I recommend you visiting a CSL store and ask them about longer term plans as visitor plans are not good for anything longer than one month of use.

  • Saurabh

    Hi Ron,
    What is the activation time if someone buys a One2free sim card at the airport. Is it immediate or is there a waiting period?

    • Hi Saurabh! It is mostly instant. There is no waiting time at all, except just a restart of your phone.

      • Saurabh

        Thanks Ron for your prompt response. Appreciate it.

  • Elaine Wong

    Hi Ron. I will be in Hong Kong for 15 days starting in late December 2015 and leaving January 2016. I will have free wifi at my hotel but would like 4G capability to access maps and make some local calls while walking around. I liked the HK Tourist card but I think it caps at 8 days? Can I add days? If not which sim card would you recommend? We will not be traveling outside HK. Thank you!

  • Victoria

    Hi Ron,

    I will be going to Hong Kong for 5 months. What is my best option if I want to make some international calls to Canada and have a 3G data plan for a reasonnable prize?

  • Ralf

    Which Card can be used for mobile Wifi Routers (MOFI)?

  • Mikk


    Can I use the one2free for my pocket wifi? Thanks!

  • Ro G.

    Great article. I know exactly what SIM to buy in my trip this week. Thank you!

  • 13club

    Hello what if I am from hongkong then I travel to UK how can I used my HONGKONG SIM in UK.

    Please answer thank you.

  • FrequentFlyer

    Ron, great job.

    I’m from the US and have a locked AT&T iPhone so I can’t put in a SIM card. But I’ve been to Hong Kong before and was able to buy (I think at a convenience store) a PCCW card that had a userid/password – when I was able to get their wifi signal I would get the browser and put in the u/p and was good to go. Do you know if this option is still available? Thanks in advance.

  • Shilpa

    Hi Ron,
    I will be in HK for 9 days. I need unlimited 3G usage & some international calls. Which prepaid sim do you prefer & where can I get it ? I use iphone6

  • orochobot

    Hi Ron,

    I will be going to Hong Kong around april for 16 days. I need to use 3G data. Which prepaid sim card do you recommend with unlimited 3G data?

    Thank you very much,


  • Ravi Borra

    Hi Ron,

    I’m Ravi, Work as a sales manager for a company called core-retail which specialized in supplying prepaid simcards for free in UK. We also Pay commission for each sim cards which gets connected. I reckon few of UK networks are used in other countries too. If interested please let me know, I can supply as many as you want. Many thanks.


  • Mahmoud Abdou

    Hi Ron,

    How can I get a sim card that has no expiry date so I can use the number even when I’m outside Hong Kong?


  • Drishya Shetty

    I will be staying at Hong Kong for 5 days in May. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3. I wont have to make many local calls because my family who will be travelling with me will use they’re local India sim card. I will need good speed internet and I need to make calls to India. Please suggest a good plan at the earliest and how I can avail these services.

  • Grace Lim

    Hi i will be going to Hong Kong for two weeks with my school. Which prepaid sim should i get?

  • Yessi

    Where is the actual 1010 shop? I need nano card for my iphone and mini ipad. Thanks

  • Susanti Louis

    Hi Ron,

    I will visit HK for 4 days, but I will visit Macau for 1 day.
    Can csl Discover Hong Kong Tourist SIM Card used in Macau? Because I need google maps in Macau too.
    For example, can I use HKD 25 preload within the package for data in Macau?

    There is another package from csl, for tourist that can be used i Macau, but the price almost 3 times.

    Thank you. Look forward to your suggestion

  • roma

    Hi Ron,
    I will be going to Macau for my PhD. I would need 3G data along with the calling minutes mostly to call in India. Which prepaid sim card do you recommend? I will be staying in Macau for 3 yrs.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Oliver John Christian Liu

    Hi Ron,

    I’ll be going to HK by December and will be staying for 11 days at Penny’s Bay for a camping trip. Do you recommend the One2Free Power Prepaid?



  • Kurt Zechner

    Hello Ron, I wonder, is all of these deals you described include or exclude Macao? Couldn’t find anything about if there is different systems there or if they are just the same.

  • William Holidi

    Hi Ron

    I will be in Hong Kong for 6 months.. Will 3 SIM Card be fine?
    Shall I register a mobile broadband like hkbn?
    I will be using it to make skype call, watch youtube, video conference…3G data is more important for me



  • Philippe Wen

    Hi Ron,

    I used to have a Hong Kong cell phone number as part of a monthly plan but the contract expired. If I want, can I use my old phone number later on for a pre-paid plan?


  • rizal

    Does the 3G 88$ still exist?

  • Shane Richardson

    If someone works in Hong Kong long term what would be the best Prepaid service?

  • Dr. Edward Norman

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  • Gábor Fogarasi

    Hey guys, I have a tough question: I need a prepaid HK SIM card with the LONGEST validity without a recharge.
    All I want is to receive banking SMS codes – without the need to recharge every 180 days. I do not live in HK anymore, so recharge is complicated and costy.
    I do not care about call charges, data packages, nothing – the only criteria is the longest validity before the card expires. Thanks!